Rock Hall Studio


I have a BFA from the Kansas City Art Institute and MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art.  I have been making functional pottery for more than 40 years. My goal as a potter is for the user to develop a relationship with their pot.  As you raise a cup of coffee to your lips in the morning , an intimacy develops and your pot has become an integral part of your life.  I work in both terra cotta and porcelain.  Function is my main source of inspiration.  I hope my pots and their marks speak to a love of the materials with which they are made – vitality for life and integrity.

(Ellen Jacobson has run pottery programs at prominent community arts centers, including Spirit Square in Charlotte, NC, and Creative Arts Workshop in New Haven, Ct.  Ellen’s classroom venues have included the University of North Carolina in Charlotte and Albertus Magnus College in New Haven.  Ellen moved to Maryland in 1995 and maintains pottery studios in Silver Spring and Rock Hall.)